Insurance Compliance Services... Your Outsourcing Resource

Our Team

Ginny McHugh, President & Owner

Chris Zilberfarb, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Emma Kalbach, Operations Manager

Karen Lam, Senior Compliance Consultant and Project Manager

Linda Boyce, Compliance Consultant

Kerrie Carpenter, Senior Compliance Analyst

Jaimee George, Senior Compliance Analyst

Noel Valenti Grammer, Compliance Consultant

Laura Hoogland, Senior Compliance Analyst

Sam Hunt, Compliance Consultant

Julie Lee, Compliance Consultant

Connie Lehman, Compliance Consultant

Juliann Schiano, Senior Compliance Analyst

Robert Schwab, Compliance Consultant

Terri Silvius, Compliance Consultant

Penny Carbaugh, Compliance Project Specialist

Bridget Glines, Compliance Project Specialist

Kristi Hendrickson, Compliance Project Specialist

Kathy Nangle, Compliance Project Specialist

Danita Ragland-Hatton, Compliance Project Specialist

Diana Ulicny, Compliance Project Specialist

P.O. Box 905 Doylestown, PA 18901 phone: 215.230.7960 fax: 215.230.7961